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Helping Hands

The California Militia

"Where Peace and Preparedness Meet"

People Helping People

The California Militia is one of the four pillars of the California State Assembly.  Its main purpose is to ensure community safety and preparedness on a statewide basis. This will be achieved by the creation of 58 individual county Militias within California.  Each County Militia will have their own leader who will oversee Militia activities on their county. 


The California Militia emphasizes a spirit of self empowerment, self reliance, and independence.  

In order to strengthen our self reliance and independence we focus heavily on methods to increase our health and wellness, and place ourselves in a position where we are as self reliant as reasonably practical.  


We understand the importance of networking with other like-minded people to obtain resources and exchange goods and services, and we encourage everybody to strengthen these relationships and create alternative strategies for obtaining essential resources in the future.


We are all the Militia. The militia is the able-bodied people coming together in an emergency or a time of need and helping each other.


The Militia assists when called upon by other lawful agencies such as the Sheriffs, Continental Marshals, or any Peace Keeping Task force. 


There are unlimited opportunities to get involved and support the Militia both at the County level as well as at the state level.  


The Militia has four special purpose committees:


  • Membership Committee—evaluates candidates and vets them for specific jobs within the Assembly Militia, seeks to encourage participation in the Militia, understanding of the Militia’s role, and support of the Militia’s functions.

  • Provisions Committee—acts as the Quartermaster for the Militia, evaluates needs and means to meet those needs for equipment and other provisions needed to carry out Militia duties.

  • Education Committee—develops tests and educational materials and programs to train Militia members.

  • Operations Committee—develops short and long term operational goals for the State Assembly Militia, creates plans to implement projects and goals, evaluates Militia readiness, acts as oversight for the Militia, works with the Ombudsman’s Office to resolve complaints related to the Militia and Militia Service, works with the Peacekeeping Task Force to coordinate joint operations, when appropriate, with Constitutional Sheriffs and with Continental Marshals Service personnel.


Please get involved with the Militia. There are many opportunities to step up and make a

difference both at the state level as well as your local level.


For more information about getting involved with the Militia,

please subscribe to our email list below and let us know how we can help!

Thank You!

Matt Dakin Head Shot-7.jpg

Matt Dakin 

California State Assembly

Militia Coordinator

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